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Sparkling Scalp Dr (Scalp Shampoo) ^^/

Sparkling Scalp Dr (Scalp Shampoo)

-  Eradicates sebum, dandruff, clogged oil, hair dust and chemical 
-  A very good fix for people with oily scalp
-  Improves blood circulation on the scalp
-  Strengthens the roots of the hair
-  Effective hair loss prevention
-  It works well with the Sparkling Spa Shower (Tonic)

Usage guide

a)   Shake cannister before application
b)  Spray directly onto the scalp and apply it just like any other 
c)  Depending on the length of the hair, spray a sufficient amount 
     for all area of the hair to be cleansed
d)  Daily use

Main ingredients

18000 ppm of CO2, hot spring extract, dates, citrus, collagen and longan

* Zero "0" chemical content in the products, only natural CO2
   extracted from hot springs in JAPAN.

Customers voice

45 years old business man - "After used this shampoo, my pillow
                                               no more smell and it stops hair fall. 
                                               I've been using for 1 month plus."

36 years old office lady - "I was using expensive scalp shampoo for
                                          oily scalp from famous brand but after 
                                          work, my scalps always oily and smell. 
                                          Now even after work my scalp is fresh 
                                          after using this product. I love it!! 
                                          Thank you"

40 years old housewife - "I use this for my son and daughter 
                                          because my kids always have this smelly 
                                          and oily scalp. After sometimes, no more 
                                          scalp smell. My children love it!!!"

24 years old office lady - "My scalp always have pimples and itchy. 
                                          Whatever shampoo i used, seems like 
                                          can't cure the problem. (I don't use cheap 
                                          shampoos and i only buy from hair salon)         
                                          Now after 1 month usage, the pimples 
                                          still remain a bit but i can healing."

19 years old student - "My hair is very fine and little but not oily. 
                                     My stylist recommended me to use this 
                                     shampoo. I have been using it only a month. 
                                     It looks like small little hair coming out. I'm 
                                     very happy with the result."

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