Saturday, 5 September 2015

Bon Odori 2015

Bon Odori is a Japanese Folk Dance. 'Bon' is the shortened name of a Buddhist text, the Ullambana Sutra, whereby the Japanese pronunciation Urabon is shortened to Bon while 'Odori' means dance. 

This celebration is held during the mid-year to welcome ancestral spirits when they are believed to journey down from heaven to visit this earthly land. It is always accompanied by singing and dancing in tune with bouncy rhythm of drums, gongs and flutes. The festival is celebrated yearly as popular get-together summer event that is held in every city in Japan.

This event provides a good opportunity for those who are interested in experiencing Japanese culture by participate in the dance. 


Today's a wet day!! Lots of people of attended the Bon Odori event. Although raining day, it does not kill their festive mood. We parked our car so far near the Nirvana Memorial. Then walked all the way to the stadium. Once arrived, we smells the food (actually, i smell 'Tako' Octopus Grill more) Haha...

We saw many ladies and men even children, they dressed up in Yukata (summer kimono), Zori (straw, leather and wooden sandals) attending the event.

It's FREE entrance. The event kick-off at 7:00 pm but we reached at 8:20pm. Luckily still able to see them all dance in tune. Cool experience :) 

Food stall owner/worker working hard chopping and preparing the Tako (Octopus) Grill. ^^/

He grill-ing chicken... 

Singing and dancing in tune together... COOL !!

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