Thursday, 20 August 2015

Air Wave Perm

Air Wave Perm (Front View)

Air Wave Perm (Back View)
Long BOB with Perm~  We always have questions about 'What is Air Wave?' Air Wave Perm is Cold Perm. Different hair texture different way to perm. Air Wave Perm for those who having fine hair and need volume from the top area. Digital Perm / Ceramic Perm / Spa Perm or whatever name - those are hot perm. Just a name. In this industry, only 2 types of perm. Either hot perm or cold perm. This Air Wave belong to cold perm. In Japan, more than 70% are using cold perm which is most advance and difficult to achieve what you like. Hot Perm is the easiest and popular in Malaysia but most important is we as stylist choose which types of perm is good for the customer's hair.

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