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Soda Spa Foam from Japan

Daisuke Salon
SODA SPA FOAM  (Face Mask)

  • Anti-aging agent
  • Tightens the pores and prevents it from being exposed to air dust and dirt
  • Cleanses clogged pores due to excessive oil on the face
  • Eradicates harmful residues from sunblocks, sunscreens, face foundations and make-ups
  • The natural CO2 in the Soda Spa Foam regenerates our corroded skin cells because it is rich in anti-oxidants
Usage Guide

  1. Shake canister before application
  2. Apply a thick surface of the foam onto the whole area of the face
  3. Enjoy the cool sensation and wash it off after 15 minutes
  4. Apply once every two (2) days before bedtime.                         * Can use everyday

Main Ingredients

8000 ppm of CO2, hot springs extract and natural fragrance

* ZERO '0' chemical content in the products, only natural CO2 extracted from hot springs in JAPAN!!

Customers voice

24 years old engineer man  -  "I usually wash my face with       
                                                 anything that can buy from 
                                                 supermarket. I went to Daisuke 
                                                 Salon, the stylist recommended this 
                                                 Soda Spa Foam for my face. I apply 
                                                 to my face and leave on for around 
                                                 20 minutes while i surfing the net. I 
                                                 feel comfortable and warm. My skin 
                                                 feel cleaner and fresh after that 
                                                 session. So far I like it!"

29 years old nailist  -  "I still have pimples on my face, maybe
                                     because i always make-up and use UV 
                                     cream. Before i sleep, I used expensive 
                                     Japanese face care brand to wash my face 
                                     and take care my skin as all the girls usually 
                                     do. They told me UV cream is very stubborn 
                                     and difficult to wash clearly. Daisuke 
                                     Salon's stylist told me this Soda Spa Foam 
                                     can wash out the UV cream and any make- 
                                     up stuff from my pores. I feel clean. I can 
                                     still use my Japanese toner and night cream 
                                     after the mask. This product working well to 

34 years old business woman  -  "My daughter and me using this 
                                                      Soda Spa Foam before we sleep.
                                                      My daughter very happy with the 
                                                      cool sensation from Spa Foam."

18 years old student  -  "I don't make-up but i do use UV cream. 
                                       Stylist showed me the picture when you 
                                       wash with those make-up remover. 
                                       Actually, can't clear out the UV cream 
                                       100%. Sometimes, my pimples will come 
                                       out. I've been using this spa foam for 2 
                                       months, so far no pimples yet. I happy with 
                                       the result."
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