Monday, 17 August 2015

Sparkling Spa Shower (Scalp Tonic)

                  Sparkling Spa Shower (Scalp Tonic)

*  Improves blood circulation on the scalp
*  Strenghtens the roots of the hair
*  Very effective hair loss prevention tonic
*  Re-activate dormant and damaged hair follicles
*  Works well together with the Sparkling Scalp Dr (Scalp Shampoo)

Usage guide
-  Shake cannister before application
-  Pump 4 times onto different areas of the scalp and massage the scalp
-  Leave it to dry and no further washing needed
-  Apply on a daily basis before bedtime

Main Ingredients
8800 ppm of CO2, hot spring extract, starfruit, longan and ginseng
*  Zero "0" chemical content in the products, only natural CO2 extracted from hot springs in JAPAN!!

Customers voice

38 years old business lady - "Very happy with the result!! My hair fall stop and the feeling comfortable. Smells nice too! Not like usual tonic smell."

26 years old teacher - "I like the sparkling feel on my scalp. I wash 1 week 4 times and i use this tonic. Especially the smell it's not like man tonic smell."

50 years old businessman - "My wife bought this around 1 month ago from Daisuke Salon. She asked me to use but i couldn't believe this kind of product. But my hair kind of bald. Now i can see very tiny hair coming out. It's quite surprising outcome."

19 years old student - "I always buy tonic from salon whichever they recommend then i buy. I has been using many kinds of tonic before but this sparkling feeling is very new and comfortable and smells nice. I just using 1 month, seems like after shower, less hair on the floor. So far I happy with it."

41 years old businesswoman - "Due to my work stress daily, my hair very oily and i always see my hair falls on the floor. My husband tell me something is wrong. Then i start to use this product. So far i still see hair falls on the floor, but my husband said much lesser. Good product. Thank you!"

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