Friday, 4 September 2015

Tacos Rock!!!

Today afternoon, i went to buy coffee bean from Artisan Coffee HQ in Section 13. Then i found a food truck next to it. It's called 'THYME OUT'. They serve variety tacos. Of course i'm vegetarian and i ordered mushroom cheese taco. It's so delicious. Not forget to take-out few tacos for our team. 

The food truck design so 'Rock'! haha... The staffs there are friendly and care enough to explain the menus. ^^/ 

Hopefully tomorrow they are still there. So i can go there and take-out again for lunch. :))

Tacos for our team!! (Nice boxes)

Mushroom Cheese Taco! *Slurps* Suitable for vegetarian~

Chicken Taco! For our team members

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