Monday, 28 September 2015

Unboxing my new toy~ 'DEEBOT - Robotic Vacuum Cleaner'

Here's our new house helper 'Robita-kun'. Hahaha~

DEEBOT - Model D68  - Bought for RM 2,988

Today we bought a new robotic vacuum cleaner for our home to help out house cleaning as we have 3 dogs and 1 cat at home. So much of our furkids hair everywhere in the house. In order to keep track of cleanliness, we bought this gadget to help out clean every corner in the house. As sometime kind of lazy to sweep or vacuum the floor. Here ^^

Went to MidValley today to survey few brands of robotic vacuum. 

Here's what inside the box. 

This is what we like. There's a filter 'Anti-Germ'. And it is washable. 

This is the bottom view. The wheels are big and enough clearance so it won't stuck with big objects. Dual side brushes design, providing cleaning efficiency. There's 5 sensors for work intelligently. More importantly, it's silent. Easy to use. Once you set the timing, it works by itself. We don't need to charge. Robotic vacuum will goes back to its station for charging. It works for all kind of floors such as hard wood, ceramic tile, carpets (thick-pile carpets within 2cm length), etc.

Remote Control and Wall Virtual

Wall Virtual  -  If you don't want your robotic to go certain place, just place that to the wall and it will know by itself.

Remote Control  - You know it~~~ ^^/

Bought it from Lazada web for RM 219

And this is our 1st helper - cheap and it works roughly and not so detail (not so clean). Have to charge by ourself. It's very noisy. There's a sensor but no use. 

This is inside view. Very thin filter and i think its not working well. I feel it split the dust all over even worst. 

There's not clearance. The suction mouth is so small and it always stuck there around the mouth. Once stuck, the dust and whatever never goes inside then split them around. 
Even worse.. ewww
The power not enough to suck the dust / hair.  

Thanks to the 1st helper because of you, we found this robotic vacuum works and helpful. That's why  we bought a new DEEBOT Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Their motto is 'Live Smart. Enjoy Life.'

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