Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Bluish Light Purple Hair Manicure ^^

Edgy Short Hair + Dip-dye on Hair Manicure

This is before we proceed hairdo. She always colour grey/white hair. Lots of red pigment inside. So we have to be careful for between regrowth and coloured hair. Usually, if you done colour grey/white hair, it's gonna be hard to change colour and high-lift evenly. We decide to apply special organic coconut oil to prevent extra damage to the hair and scalp.  

This is the 1st bleaching with 9% peroxide 1:2

This is 2nd round bleaching done. The hair doesn't seem damage a lot. Even we didn't apply conditioner still can comb through by the hand and brush. Scalp it isn't hurt as well.

Applying hair manicure and waiting for the process time.

This is the result but we waiting for faded away for more transparent bluish purple look. 
This colour after 1 or 2 months of course, you will see the re-growth with 20% of grey/white will come out. So we just re-apply the bluish puple on the root area. So the black colour remain black. 20% of grey/white hair becomes bluish purple.

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