Monday, 5 September 2016

Colorful Month @ Daisuke Salon

How time flies, we are already in the month of September! August has been an extra colorful month for us at the salon and as you all know how much we love giving our customers a unique makeover experience. We want you to feel extraordinary in the sea of people out there, you'll definitely walk out as a whole new person once we are done giving our magic touch on your tresses!

Thank you for supporting our promotion and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did :)
Do let us know your feedback on this promo, it will help us alot in our future promotion plannings!

We are also glad that you guys love our PokemonGo August promotion, the response was overwhelming to the point there was never a dull rest day for us, but we are indeed happy to serve our customers making sure they are satisfied with their makeover.
Here are some of the many colors we have been working on last month, thank you once again to our beloved customers for trusting us to deliver your hair goals. Hope this blog entry will inspire new customers who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone despite wanting to try something new all this while :)

We don't bite! Feel free to walk in anytime for a free consultation with our experts, let us know your concerns, budget or anything at all so we can accommodate your requirements.   

If you have passion burning as bright as the flames, try going a different hue of red!
It doesn't have to be solid flat red, we can mix around a few shades to create some texture which would also look good as it slowly fades.

If you are feeling girly and not so adventurous YET to dye your whole hair pastel colors, why don't you try out at the bottom of your locks as it blends with your natural dark hair base creating an ombre effect which will never go out of style!

Why settle for normal shades of brown when you can spice things up like having purple mix in!

Don't worry if you are working in the cooperate line or looking for a lower maintenance type of hair color we can also help you go back to basics. Sometimes less is more and more is less, we are a flexible creative team in Daisuke Salon.

Team Mystic from PokemonnGo anyone?

Bright dyes lasts longer than pastel ones by default as it allows our customers to experience what we call "The Transitioning" period where they will get to see how the color fades gracefully over time exposing all kinds of color shades and it can last as long as 4-6 months before it completely fades away but fading period depends on individual lifestyle as well. Some have it fast due to frequent washes or exposure to chemicals like chlorine/ salt water while some takes a longer time especially if you have a healthy scalp that doesn't secrete as much sebum, so that also cuts down the amount of washing you have to do in a week! That's why we recommend Tansan Soda Spa foam for our customers to try, it helps with sebum control, enhance blood circulation and making pores smaller so less oil is secreted unto the surface. You may purchase our Tansan Soda Spa foam HERE

Highly recommended for healthier and balanced skin (both face & scalp)

For those who missed out on the PokemonGo promotion, don't worry as we are still having our in-house promo pricing for our senior stylists. Price starts from RM250 onwards!
PM on Facebook or call them up to inquire: 03-7960 0140

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