Sunday, 4 March 2018

The Difference of Japanese Air Wave Perm and Digital Perm 1

Air Wave Perm VS Digital Perm

The difference between an Air Wave Perm and the Digital Perm is the use of heat or air to reconstruct the hair.

Which hair textures are suitable for the Air Wave ?

*  Hair that are soft and want volume from the roots
*  For those that are looking for a natural looking wave instead of ridgy curling iron type of curls
*  Hair that are damaged due to continuous coloring or perming


Which hair textures are suitable for the Digital Perm ?

*  Hair that are coarse and those that easily lose their curl after perming
*  Those that are looking for a ridgy, curling iron finished look

The outcome differs from individuals and the type of curl/wave they are looking for, but in general Air Wave will be softer and the Digital Perm will be more ridgier. Instead of choosing the two perms from which will be suitable, it will be determined by the hair texture and the type of curl/wave your looking for.


  1. Whom is your supplier of this perm, I am a salon owner up in Canada and I have not heard of such a service or perm? Please get back to me as I am very interested in offering this service :)

  2. How much? I want the same with the model.

  3. We're can I buy the airperm and how much

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