Plus Hair 増毛法,

Amazing Shape Memory Hair Extension Technique From Japan! And it's made in Japan too!!

This customer shape memory extension for 1500 pcs

This customer using 600 pcs

This customer using 400 pcs

400 pcs

800 pcs

1500 pcs

This is 800 pcs. This is where we extend


This method takes 2 to 3 hours to finish. We extend especially on crown area so it's very easy to carry and much volume. You can also perm your hair or colour your hair. No problem combing your hair too!

This is how it's look like. It's not human hair. Best quality fiber from Japan. Fiber can stand heat and they don't absorb any water so hair always much lighter than human hair. Nowadays, lots of people don't like human hair because don't know where there coming from. It's not hygiene. People think.


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