Smokey Lavender Field

Hair colors are just like fashion trends, we come and go as each season passes but that doesn't mean that particular color would go out of style. It's just waiting for its turn to arise once again in the following trend cycle. As fall and winter approaches, the trend for color pantones tend to head to a more darker and mysterious shades to capture the essence of the season's atmosphere.

Usually during Spring and summer, bright and vibrant colors are preferred to show there's new life and hope for the following year and during the year end it's the time for one to reflect back on the things they have achieved or have yet to before the new cycle begins again.

Our customer in pink hair by our senior stylist Amanda Fang Fang

It's a pleasure having returning customers to keep their hair colors fresh and updated from time to time. Thank you so much for trusting us with your hair, we at Daisuke Salon take our job very seriously, making sure to deliver our customers with the satisfaction they came in for.
We do get questions like whether is it necessary to clean off the previous colors before reapplying a new one, but we can only say it depends on what kind of colors are you looking to change.

As some colors are compatible (they compliment) each other while some of them doesn't, so it's always important for us to evaluate your hair current hair color before deciding our next step.
Consultations can be done anytime from Tuesday to Sunday, we are usually closed on Mondays.

Our customer's hair was previously borderline neon pastel pink before coming back to go for a darker shade like Smokey lavender, no bleaching was required that day and this whole entire procedure took roughly about 2-3 hours the most as color butter usually needs minimal of 2 applications before the desired color sets in especially for light pastel colors. 

This procedure might sound tedious to some but the end result of color butter and it's graceful fading makes it worth while according to our customer's feedbacks.
Some colors are known to even last up to 4-5 months before fading off to a clean base on its own.

Upclose of the masterpiece 

Senior Stylist of the day Rene

We are still having our in-house promo pricing for our senior stylists. Price starts from RM250 onwards!
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