Japanese Setting Perm - Long Hair

Japanese Setting Perm - Long Hair

Japanese Setting Perm = Hot Perm. 

There is numerous of names like Digital Perm / Hot Perm / Setting Perm / Treatment Perm / Organic Perm / Green Perm and etc. Actually it's all the same (Hot Perm). Using 'HEAT' technique. It's very much depending on your stylist to choose whether go for hot perm or cold perm.

In fact, Cold Perm which is Air Wave Perm or Creep Perm is more advance than hot perm. In Japan, 80% of perming styles create by Air Wave or Creep Perm. Hot Perm like Digital Perm or etc only 20%. In Malaysia, 95% using Hot Perm. 

Our salon - 80% using Cold Perm like Air WAVE and CREEP PERM. 

Why ? 

1) Less damage to the hair 
2) Hair looks airy and natural

But again, you need to well communicate with your stylist on what's your preference.

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