The Difference of Japanese Air Wave Perm and Digital Perm

Air wave perm vs Digital perm

What is the difference between Air wave and Digital perm. 

 Hot perm. Setting perm. Organic perm. what ever name ....

actually there is only two perm in this world.

it is Cold perm or hot perm..

Air wave 


  1. Cold wave 
  2. Soft Carl
  3. Damage less
  4. Volume


  1.  Difficult process
  2. Needs Stylist Solid Skill 
  3. Need 10 wash to settle the carl
  4. Air wave need expensive machine from TAKARA Japan

Hot perm or whatever name


  1. Tight carl
  2. less volume
  3. go with Frizzy hair 
  4. less cost for salon
  5. No need special skills, so go anyway almost same result (except hair cut)


  1. Damage, because perm lotion use same us Straight perm lotion 
  2. little dangerous of hight temperature 
  3. hight risk for redo perm


Our  Solon has all the perm 
stylist will decide with is better for your hair
but most of our guest having Air wave (90%)

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