Friday, 17 March 2017

Colour Player - Ash Brown with a Tinge of Pink

for our lovely Malaysia Famous Cosplayer, Yingtze ^^/

Thank you for coming to our salon for support :)

Not everyone likes pastel tones however we can always make them soft with ash brown and a tinge of pink (any colours that you desire) on the hair ends like above.

If you don't wish to colour colour / bleach whole hair, you may opt for colour your very tip hair to further highlight your personality.

Stylist Rene applying "Pink" colour on the part fringe and hair tip for Yingtze. 

Ta-daa... Finished. 

Cheerful Yingtze with her new look :)

Stylist Rene with Yingtze :)

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Check her out :

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Schwarzkopf NS Watering Creep Perm Seminar in Bangkok

Bringing trendy Japanese hair styles, colors and technique all around the world and this time it's Bangkok Thailand! First and foremost we do apologize for being away last week as we were short handed and most of our team went along for his demonstration seminar. But now we are back, do schedule an appointment with your favorite stylist!

What brought us to Bangkok was thanks to Schwarzkopf Thailand for inviting Daisuke to their launch of Schwarzkopf NS Watering Perm Lotion from Japan.
to introduce our creep perm techniques to budding young hair stylists in the making and the only way to learn is to always observe how it's been done real life; at the same time having a hands on session together with the teacher.

Our senior stylist Amanda conducting a live demonstration as the students observe her technique and skills

Thank you for having us in Bangkok!

Many would ask what does "creep perm" means? 
There are various kinds of hair perms in the market today but it's always good to be knowledgeable on what your hair goes through during each visit to the salon. And next time it's also easier for you to tell the stylist what you want exactly.

The aim of creep perm is for you to have curls the most natural looking way possible.

Creep perm is much different compared to digital perm which uses intense amount of heat in order to get perfect neat curls like what we seen on those red carpet celebrities or magazine models but what is not known is that having too much heated perm is not good for the hair on the long run meanwhile creep perm uses cold method (Watering Perm Lotion) to set the curls.
Yes it's possible to create natural like waves/ curls without using high heat, it's also suitable for those with very fine hair texture but would like some volume in their tresses. 

It really depends on what kind of look a customer would like to achieve, if they prefer neater and more defined curls then we would advise to use digital perm but always remember that the downtime period before your next perm is longer.

As for Creep perm you can perm frequently without worrying about your hair being dry and damaged as it doesn't require any electrical tools to create those air wave like natural curls.
It's also more flexible on various kinds of hair lengths meaning you can have a short bob but still go for the creep perm, doesn't always necessarily need to have long hair before perming.

 An example of creep perm on short bobs, gives more texture to the whole look

 Slight inward perm to give a more feminine finishing 

Effortless waves, giving the illusion of having luscious locks 

If you have always envied those Japanese beauty magazine cover models for their cute hairstyles, then leave it to Daisuke salon to give you that makeover, nothing is impossible!
Try out our new perm technique today by taking advantage of our introduction price for perms at RM280 inclusive of haircut worth RM50 (senior stylist).

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We do conduct seminars worldwide, do get in touch with us if you would like to have us presenting/ demonstrating at your academy or studio- CLICK TO SAY HELLO! 

You may check out our previous seminar photos here:

Friday, 13 January 2017

Remembering 2016

Our long overdue gratitude post to reflect back on the amazing 2016 we had together with our beloved customers, we have gone through ups and downs but that doesn't stop us from providing our best to our customers both new and old.
Despite the number of years we have been in this industry, we are constantly always learning new techniques or methods to improve our services and offer better options to our customers.
The road at the beginning is always tough and bumpy as we learn along the way, thank you for giving us the opportunity to explore our potential further, especially your trust.

We have complied some of our highlighted works throughout 2016 to show those who are new with us and for our long term customers, take this time to reminisce the good old days.


As your humble Japanese hair salon based in 3 Two Square PJ, we'll try our very best to be here as long as time permits us to, as we have grew quite fond of this 2nd location, built many new memories and there's even customers who were with us since the beginning of this shop's operation back in Jalan Klang Lama.

Upon taking this time to be thankful, we do look forward to create more interesting hair colors and be trend setters as we have yet to hit our limit as hair designers. Hopefully we can also start bringing in more variety Japanese brand products on a larger scale, so that our customers can enjoy them as well! Do support us on our quest to make Japanese hair and beauty brands easily available for both salon and home usage by checking out our best selling Tansan Magic products which can be bought from our E-store as well if you are far away/ no time to visit our salon!

Products are 100% genuine from Japan as we are one of the official resellers here in Malaysia and from customer's concern that there are similar fake foam products in the market as well.

It's been a tremendous blessing indeed, let us face 2017 with a much better and improved versions of ourselves. Take every lesson learnt, not to repeat the same mistakes again and to face new challanges with our head held high.
Thank you once again for being with us throughout the years!

Our operating days and time are still the same, there are no changes and you can make bookings via our facebook PM or call (03-7960 0140), we do advise our customer to call the salon for immediate booking if it's urgent. However if you do have time to spare and chat with us, by all means drop us a message and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Shades of Purple

It's almost the end of November and we would like to thank our beloved customers for dropping by to get their holiday hair makeover done with us!
Remember, if you have done your hair here before, please do recommend a new friend so both of you can enjoy 20% off each for selected hair services. For more details regarding this recommendation program kindly call us (03-7960 0140) to inquire or drop us a PM on Facebook.

Everyone is busy planning their leaves for year end, holiday flight tickets already booked months in advanced and what's left is to give yourself a well deserved hair pampering session so you'll look great during your travels.

 Here's a hair styling tip from us:
Try to pack a portable (or travel size) styling tool to make sure your hair is neat and salon ready at all times or if you prefer hassle and styling free solution do consider our straightening and perming services that starts from RM280 onwards!

Not everyone likes pastel tones however we can always make them soft with ash mixtures like our Lavender color above.

Introducing our latest works on various shades of purples as our November customers seems to be loving this color for this season!
Little did we expect to come up with a blogpost dedicated to all the purple color lovers out there, hope this post gives our potential customers an idea of what we can do to realize their hair color dreams. Nothing is impossible for us, with our professional consultations ready in hand to give you advice and suggestions on what suits your hair condition/ situation.

Don't be afraid to drop by our salon to meet with our hair consultants, no booking is required for consultation but however you can make an advance booking once you are satisfied with our consultation and quotation.

To achieve these kind of vibrant colors, pre-bleaching is required as usual and normally it would take at least 2-3 rounds to prepare the base before we apply the color.
Don't worry about your hair damaging during the bleach, Daisuke Salon prides itself for using high quality bleach grade that minimizes the damage effect and also we do protect your scalp with a treatment oil before bleaching.

Our customer who tried dyeing her hair for the very first time with a color choice of Indigo beneath her black hair which only shows upon tying up

Combination of Blue and dark violet


Any other purple ideas you would like to see in our blog near future? Come by our salon to discuss your hair goals with us, we are more than glad to work on it and make sure you walk out of our salon happy! Your satisfied smiles is one of  Daisuke Salon's Goals.

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Monday, 7 November 2016

Smokey Lavender Field

Hair colors are just like fashion trends, we come and go as each season passes but that doesn't mean that particular color would go out of style. It's just waiting for its turn to arise once again in the following trend cycle. As fall and winter approaches, the trend for color pantones tend to head to a more darker and mysterious shades to capture the essence of the season's atmosphere.

Usually during Spring and summer, bright and vibrant colors are preferred to show there's new life and hope for the following year and during the year end it's the time for one to reflect back on the things they have achieved or have yet to before the new cycle begins again.

Our customer in pink hair by our senior stylist Amanda Fang Fang

It's a pleasure having returning customers to keep their hair colors fresh and updated from time to time. Thank you so much for trusting us with your hair, we at Daisuke Salon take our job very seriously, making sure to deliver our customers with the satisfaction they came in for.
We do get questions like whether is it necessary to clean off the previous colors before reapplying a new one, but we can only say it depends on what kind of colors are you looking to change.

As some colors are compatible (they compliment) each other while some of them doesn't, so it's always important for us to evaluate your hair current hair color before deciding our next step.
Consultations can be done anytime from Tuesday to Sunday, we are usually closed on Mondays.

Our customer's hair was previously borderline neon pastel pink before coming back to go for a darker shade like Smokey lavender, no bleaching was required that day and this whole entire procedure took roughly about 2-3 hours the most as color butter usually needs minimal of 2 applications before the desired color sets in especially for light pastel colors. 

This procedure might sound tedious to some but the end result of color butter and it's graceful fading makes it worth while according to our customer's feedbacks.
Some colors are known to even last up to 4-5 months before fading off to a clean base on its own.

Upclose of the masterpiece 

Senior Stylist of the day Rene

We are still having our in-house promo pricing for our senior stylists. Price starts from RM250 onwards!
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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Mermaid's Dream by Daisuke Salon

Want to be a mermaid but can't swim or your legs won't turn into fins when the sun sets like Ariel's from The Little Mermaid? Don't worry we got you covered for you with our Autumn 2016 collection featuring 2 different colored ombre combination.
Today's color inspired by mermaids- violet and ice teal 

Done by our senior stylist: Amanda

We understand that none of us can let go of the ombre trend ever since it was first introduced to us, despite it slowly phasing out we try to give it a refreshing makeover by offering this type of unusual color combination rather than the usual ombres you find out there.

Here in Daisuke Salon, you can definitely tell how much we love our colors and how happy we are to always experiment with new color design or styles to satisfy our customer's wildest hair fantasies!
So if you find something on pinterest or instagram that sparks your interest, do show us and we'll try to make it come true with a lil special flare of ours of course. We are hair artists, one of a kind and a master of our profession, so creating new things (hairstyles) is what we do best.

These 2 colors alone is achieved using only color butter as it provides a soft pastel finishing compared to our average coloring methods like  hair manicure and color treatment, to find out more about the difference between these 3 techniques, do visit our previous blogpost HERE.

The end result

Prior to coloring, bleaching is inevitable in order to obtain a light colored base to work on hence the total amount of bleaching is 3 times but despite that, the hair condition maintained healthy as our salon's bleaching specialty includes oil treatment to protect the scalp and hair from any potential damages.

Hair condition is still healthy

However if you would like to take your ombre a whole new level, we do have airbrushing services now available. This technique allows us to create more prominent gradients and transitioning for 2 or more different colors creating a unique end result.
This method is quicker and more precise too compared to dyeing by sections which is usually time consuming, we would recommend this as a finishing touch once your base color is set.
You can finally experience the feeling of getting your hair being "painted" on just like how an artist gracefully moves his brush strokes on his canvas.

Check out our video below that's being going viral with shares since we posted it on our official Facebook page.

We are still having our in-house promo pricing for our senior stylists. Price starts from RM250 onwards!
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Monday, 5 September 2016

Colorful Month @ Daisuke Salon

How time flies, we are already in the month of September! August has been an extra colorful month for us at the salon and as you all know how much we love giving our customers a unique makeover experience. We want you to feel extraordinary in the sea of people out there, you'll definitely walk out as a whole new person once we are done giving our magic touch on your tresses!

Thank you for supporting our promotion and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did :)
Do let us know your feedback on this promo, it will help us alot in our future promotion plannings!

We are also glad that you guys love our PokemonGo August promotion, the response was overwhelming to the point there was never a dull rest day for us, but we are indeed happy to serve our customers making sure they are satisfied with their makeover.
Here are some of the many colors we have been working on last month, thank you once again to our beloved customers for trusting us to deliver your hair goals. Hope this blog entry will inspire new customers who are afraid to step out of their comfort zone despite wanting to try something new all this while :)

We don't bite! Feel free to walk in anytime for a free consultation with our experts, let us know your concerns, budget or anything at all so we can accommodate your requirements.   

If you have passion burning as bright as the flames, try going a different hue of red!
It doesn't have to be solid flat red, we can mix around a few shades to create some texture which would also look good as it slowly fades.

If you are feeling girly and not so adventurous YET to dye your whole hair pastel colors, why don't you try out at the bottom of your locks as it blends with your natural dark hair base creating an ombre effect which will never go out of style!

Why settle for normal shades of brown when you can spice things up like having purple mix in!

Don't worry if you are working in the cooperate line or looking for a lower maintenance type of hair color we can also help you go back to basics. Sometimes less is more and more is less, we are a flexible creative team in Daisuke Salon.

Team Mystic from PokemonnGo anyone?

Bright dyes lasts longer than pastel ones by default as it allows our customers to experience what we call "The Transitioning" period where they will get to see how the color fades gracefully over time exposing all kinds of color shades and it can last as long as 4-6 months before it completely fades away but fading period depends on individual lifestyle as well. Some have it fast due to frequent washes or exposure to chemicals like chlorine/ salt water while some takes a longer time especially if you have a healthy scalp that doesn't secrete as much sebum, so that also cuts down the amount of washing you have to do in a week! That's why we recommend Tansan Soda Spa foam for our customers to try, it helps with sebum control, enhance blood circulation and making pores smaller so less oil is secreted unto the surface. You may purchase our Tansan Soda Spa foam HERE

Highly recommended for healthier and balanced skin (both face & scalp)

For those who missed out on the PokemonGo promotion, don't worry as we are still having our in-house promo pricing for our senior stylists. Price starts from RM250 onwards!
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