Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Japanese spiritual colour - Purple ^^

Lift-up + Hair Manicure Purple

Do you need super-lasting dip-dye? 

Yes it's possible. This purple last around 4 - 5 months. Sometimes up to 6 months. It's very lasting dip-dye. The purple colour always match with our natural hair colour. That means after hair growth, it's very natural. We suggest this kind of long-lasting dip-dye for short hair highlight or gradation colour like ombre because once you done this colour hard to transform to other colours. There is always pros and cons in this kind of long-lasting dip-dye to be honest.

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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

CO2 Spa and Soda Spa Foam Review by Tammy

For more infos / details, please click the link below. 

      Co2 Spa for Scalp and Soda Spa Foam Review by Tammy

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Monday, 28 September 2015

Unboxing my new toy~ 'DEEBOT - Robotic Vacuum Cleaner'

Here's our new house helper 'Robita-kun'. Hahaha~

DEEBOT - Model D68  - Bought for RM 2,988

Today we bought a new robotic vacuum cleaner for our home to help out house cleaning as we have 3 dogs and 1 cat at home. So much of our furkids hair everywhere in the house. In order to keep track of cleanliness, we bought this gadget to help out clean every corner in the house. As sometime kind of lazy to sweep or vacuum the floor. Here ^^

Went to MidValley today to survey few brands of robotic vacuum. 

Here's what inside the box. 

This is what we like. There's a filter 'Anti-Germ'. And it is washable. 

This is the bottom view. The wheels are big and enough clearance so it won't stuck with big objects. Dual side brushes design, providing cleaning efficiency. There's 5 sensors for work intelligently. More importantly, it's silent. Easy to use. Once you set the timing, it works by itself. We don't need to charge. Robotic vacuum will goes back to its station for charging. It works for all kind of floors such as hard wood, ceramic tile, carpets (thick-pile carpets within 2cm length), etc.

Remote Control and Wall Virtual

Wall Virtual  -  If you don't want your robotic to go certain place, just place that to the wall and it will know by itself.

Remote Control  - You know it~~~ ^^/

Bought it from Lazada web for RM 219

And this is our 1st helper - cheap and it works roughly and not so detail (not so clean). Have to charge by ourself. It's very noisy. There's a sensor but no use. 

This is inside view. Very thin filter and i think its not working well. I feel it split the dust all over even worst. 

There's not clearance. The suction mouth is so small and it always stuck there around the mouth. Once stuck, the dust and whatever never goes inside then split them around. 
Even worse.. ewww
The power not enough to suck the dust / hair.  

Thanks to the 1st helper because of you, we found this robotic vacuum works and helpful. That's why  we bought a new DEEBOT Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Their motto is 'Live Smart. Enjoy Life.'

Saturday, 26 September 2015

新しい仲間 Nissin i40

NISSIN コンパクトストロボ i40






Thursday, 24 September 2015

Gradation Colour on Hair Manicure Green

Difference between gradation colour and ombre

We see lots of people has been doing ombre. Do you sometimes see 'line' like a border ? It's like top and bottom.

Ya! We try not to show unnatural border. We prefer gradation technique. It's much difficult and more precise. Timing is very important. 

This gradation colour - 1st have to bleach and mix with 'Bondplex' treatment which less hair damage. It's like a new kind of treatment. This 'Bondplex' from US. Lots of celebrities use for hair colour changes. 

Photo credit to Bondplex

After finished the 'Bondplex' Bleaching process. We apply hair manicure green on the hair. The result is natural and hair is still smooth. Thanks for Bondplex technology. 

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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Power of Tansan !!

GOOD NEWS!!! Those who are having scalp problem, you don't need to go for 'Scalp Care Salon / Centre'.  They give you high price tag. Actually, hair loss problem is simple. Clean, kill the bacteria, blood circulation and good natural sources that's all you need. We offer you and advice you with super reasonable price tag. 'Tansan' products in Japan is pretty works and famous in hair, beauty and health industry. 

This picture taken before the treatment

 After 2 months of treatment

* Those pictures are not playing angle or editing like a lots of hair care centre do.

He used Tansan Sparkling Scalp DR (Scalp Shampoo) and Tansan Sparkling Spa Shower (Tonic). In 2 months, he used 2 sets of the scalp shampoo, spa shower and once a week visit our salon for CO2 scalp treatment to get this amazing result. 

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Friday, 18 September 2015

back to warm colour

pinkish blond

It's been awhile cool tone was the trend, now warm shade coming back. Trend is always turning. It's like waiting for turn. Warm colour will change your look sharper and brighter. If you need colour in your life, just go for warm colours. 

This colour is hair manicure.

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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Gradation color

Gradation color for you?

Gradation color is like drak to bright, 

 Looks Beautiful and  so Individual!

You can take your pic any color you like,

Amanda choo doing the lost touch of her work

How's that? it's works any color you like and love!

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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Ultrasonic Brazilian Keratin Treatment Review by Rane Chin (Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger)

Photo credit to Rane Chin

Further info, please click link below :-

The Beauty Junkie - Wai Yee aka Rane: Hair Review: Brazilian Keratin Treatment at Daisuk...: 

My hair is dry and frizzy due to frequent dye, I always longing for smoother and straighter hair, and I have done almost all sort of hair t...

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015


富士フイルム X30








でもカフェで このデカイのを出して撮るのはちょっと抵抗あるんですよ


Sunday, 13 September 2015

Jawatan Kosong 'Shampoo Girl' / 'Assistant' . Looking for a job in Japanese Hair Salon ?

Hiring new member to our team

We are hiring 'Assistant' with or without experience...
Please call 03-79600140 for enquiries. 

Kekosongan jawatan 'Pembantu ' / 'Shampoo Girl' di sebuah salon rambut Jepun di kawasan Petaling Jaya. 

-   Mempunyai minat dalam bidang kecantikan rambut
-   Rajin, jujur dan mempunyai semangat ingin belajar
-   Kelebihan jika pernah mengikuti kursus atau sijil
    pendandan rambut
-   Kelebihan jika pernah mempunyai pengalaman bekerja   
    di salon kecantikan
-   Jika tiada pengalaman, berpeluang mempelajari skills 
    dandanan rambut dari professional hair stylist
-   SOCSO dan KWSP ditawarkan

Jika berminat sila hubungi untuk interview terbuka:
tel : 03-79600140 




Ai @ 03.79600140

Friday, 11 September 2015

Air Wave Perm Review by Bowie (TheBgirlWorld)

Air Wave for Damage Hair 

Photo credit to Bowie Cheong (TheBgirlWorld)

Please check-out her review below link :- 

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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Hair transformation by stylist Amanda Choo

Red Wine + Purple Red Hair Manicure with slight highlight on.

This is before the hairdo. Amanda Choo don't want to touch up her root colour because if you touch up, after one month can see the line which everybody hate. So, she decided to gives some highlight on top area for breaking the line between the hair growth and previous hair colour. 

This customer need volume. So, Amanda Choo decided to cut gradated long bob 'LOB'. 

Colouring the hair manicure on the hair gently because this hair manicure can't colour from very root. 

Tah-daa!!! This is the outcome from the works. 

This hair manicure is non damage. Is a hair colour treatment. So it is suitable for those people who tired with damage hair and always touch-up and always colour. It last pretty long. 

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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Time to pamper your scalp ^^

This amazing result from Japan after using Tansan Scalp Shampoo & Sparkling Spa Shower for around 2 months. 

Before using Tansan Scalp Shampoo & Sparkling Spa Shower (Tonic)

He is 45 years old businessman. 

Ta-daa!! Picture here is after using the Tansan Scalp Shampoo & Sparkling Spa Shower for  around 2 months.

Below here the products are now doing promotion. Normal price is RM 129 each. Now selling at RM 99 per bottle. Super HOT ITEMS at Japan. Now in here at Malaysia.

Tansan Scalp Shampoo

Sparkling Spa Shower (Tonic)

For further enquiries or info, please click below :-

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Monday, 7 September 2015

Ultrasonic Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Kerarganic Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Kerarganic is the only of its kind in the market with 24kt gold nanoparticles to intensify brilliance. This product contains an array of natural extracts and oils, including organic certified ingredients, featuring the miracle of Morocco - Argan Oil. In addition to essential amino and fatty acids and vitamins, it contains natural keratin which infused back into the hair shaft during the treatment. 

The treatment scientifically formulated to repair, beautify, eliminate frizz, reduce volume and revitalize the most resistant hair.

Our salon found a best way to prolong and better result for the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. We combine the Ultrasonic technology to the treatment. Our salon been doing Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT) for around 7-8 years. We always try our best to achieve the best result. After we combine with Ultrasonic technology, lots of customer respond much better result.  

Photo credit to Rane Chin (Malaysia Lifestyle Blogger)

Below link is the review of our ultrasonic keratin treatment.

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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Ultrasonic Hair Treatment

Ultrasonic Hair Treatment

Promo Price RM 180  (Normal price RM 350)

*  Moisturize and nourish hair shaft

* Keep hair soft, elastic and not easily broken

*  Keep hair healthy, shiny and easy to style

*  Deep Repair Treatment for Chemically Processed Hair (coloured, permed, straightened)

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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Bon Odori 2015

Bon Odori is a Japanese Folk Dance. 'Bon' is the shortened name of a Buddhist text, the Ullambana Sutra, whereby the Japanese pronunciation Urabon is shortened to Bon while 'Odori' means dance. 

This celebration is held during the mid-year to welcome ancestral spirits when they are believed to journey down from heaven to visit this earthly land. It is always accompanied by singing and dancing in tune with bouncy rhythm of drums, gongs and flutes. The festival is celebrated yearly as popular get-together summer event that is held in every city in Japan.

This event provides a good opportunity for those who are interested in experiencing Japanese culture by participate in the dance. 


Today's a wet day!! Lots of people of attended the Bon Odori event. Although raining day, it does not kill their festive mood. We parked our car so far near the Nirvana Memorial. Then walked all the way to the stadium. Once arrived, we smells the food (actually, i smell 'Tako' Octopus Grill more) Haha...

We saw many ladies and men even children, they dressed up in Yukata (summer kimono), Zori (straw, leather and wooden sandals) attending the event.

It's FREE entrance. The event kick-off at 7:00 pm but we reached at 8:20pm. Luckily still able to see them all dance in tune. Cool experience :) 

Food stall owner/worker working hard chopping and preparing the Tako (Octopus) Grill. ^^/

He grill-ing chicken... 

Singing and dancing in tune together... COOL !!

Friday, 4 September 2015

Tacos Rock!!!

Today afternoon, i went to buy coffee bean from Artisan Coffee HQ in Section 13. Then i found a food truck next to it. It's called 'THYME OUT'. They serve variety tacos. Of course i'm vegetarian and i ordered mushroom cheese taco. It's so delicious. Not forget to take-out few tacos for our team. 

The food truck design so 'Rock'! haha... The staffs there are friendly and care enough to explain the menus. ^^/ 

Hopefully tomorrow they are still there. So i can go there and take-out again for lunch. :))

Tacos for our team!! (Nice boxes)

Mushroom Cheese Taco! *Slurps* Suitable for vegetarian~

Chicken Taco! For our team members