Saturday, 30 July 2016

We are @ Markets'19!


We are glad to announce that we’ll be participating in one of the most happening bazaars in town next weekend at Jaya One!
It’s none other than The Markets by Jaya One as they are back for the 19th installment and this time joined together with over 100 other vendors offering a wide variety of shopping experience from fashion, beauty, commercial to handmade artisan stuff!
This would be our first time joining the bazaar as one of the "vendors" or aka blogger vendors, feeling quite nervous about it but hope things goes well.

You can find tons of treasures here in Markets, especially things you don’t commonly find in commercial places like malls, make sure to come with enough cash in hand to avoid the hassle of having to find an ATM machine as the nearest one would be the HSBC bank below the row of shoplots facing the road which is about 5 minutes’ walk down from The School, Jaya One.

What to expect out of Markets?


Photo from Markets'18

Do come with an empty stomach so you can sample all the foods offered by participating food vendors and even bring home some delicious food for your office lunch the following week. If you are a fan of bargain fashion buys, there will be fashion brands like Midori Boutique, Oldees, Hook Clothing just to name a few, full list of vendors can be found on their official Facebook page HERE


They will also be having activities ongoing like performances, games with exciting prizes to be given away like their Fashion OOTD instagram contest, so do dress to impress and who knows you could be walking home with the grand prize!
Markets Instagram:

We’ll be there together with our fellow bloggers at the bloggers area (do come and visit us!) promoting Japan’s no.1 bestselling skincare product- Tansan Magic. There will be live demonstration and test session on our booth so you can also purchase the products on the spot with special price rate exclusive for Markets’19 only. Spot our booth (No.81) at the purple area in the map, and you are sure not to miss us as the bloggers section are filled with interesting girls with funky hair colors.

We are at No.81!

Among Japanese people, Tansan Magic has served as a trusted and effective skincare brand to help cope with balancing sebum problems commonly found on our scalp and face, all thanks to its natural properties that comes from its main ingredient that is Carbonated Onsen Water . Looking forward to meet all of you in person and hope you'll love Tansan Magic products as much as we do :)
Learn more about Tansan Magic range on this page: Made In Japan Products

Follow Markets by Jaya One closely on Facebook for more exciting updates!

We can't wait to be there ourselves too :)

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Colour Player - Unicorn Colour

Touching up the root

After touch-up the root, not necessary use same colour especially under section. 

This time only right side under section add-on Teal colour. ^^/

Monday, 4 July 2016

Plus Hair 増毛法 Customer voices

Customer Voices

Name : S.E  (Female , in her 60s)

Doing for 1 year

Once a month

1 time 200 to 400 pcs

I have been wearing wig for 10 years. It's quite troublesome especially during hot weather. Finally, I met the right product and salon.

Name : Y.M  (Female , in her 40s)

Doing for 1 year

2 month 1 time

1 time 200 to 400 pcs

I have been using wig for 5 years. Now i'm happy to change my hairstyle overtime i go salon. My daughter happy with my look as well. When i play volleyball, i don't need to worry my wig fly away! LOL

Name : T.S  (Female , in her 40s)

Doing for 1 year

2 month 1 time

1 time 400 to 800 pcs

I'm very happy that i add on 800 pcs on the crown area. Now i don't need my wig anymore. Looks like my own hair growing too. Thanks very much.

Name : E. K  (Male , in her 50s)

Doing for 1 year

2 month 1 time

1 time 800 pcs

I don't have hair on the crown but i don't mind my look that's look like barcode. So my stylist suggest me to extend hair to the side. I'm very happy with my brand new look.

This is the male customer look. Can't cover 100% but looks so much better.

Common Q&A

Q1  :  How long does it last?
A1  :  Our human hair everyday lost round 100 - 150 pcs per day. It's impossible to know which hair is losing today or tomorrow or after 1 week. So we trying to choose the hair which looks thicker and stronger. Some hair last for 1 year and some hair last for few days. For example, when you done 600 pcs hair, you might see few come out for sometime after 1 week or 1 month or even on the day. 

Q2  :  How often i should do this?
A2  :  We recommend 2 to 3 months do 1 time but not 1 shot do all. 

Q3  :  Can i comb my hair?
A3  :  Yes! You can comb your hair like usual.

Q4  :  Can i perm and colour ?
A4  :  Yes! You can. Our shape memory hair will stand up to 180 degree.

Q5  :  What happen to my original hair after extend?
A5  :  Our shape memory hair doesn't absorb water. So it is very light. Meaning it won't hurt your own precious hair. 

Q6  :  How much does it cost ?
A6  :  It is RM 2,200 for 1,200 pcs of hair. But now special promotion RM 1,800 for 1,200 pcs. For 1st round extension, we do only 400 - 800 pcs then the balance will do another day with no extra charges but some customer prefer extend 1 shot. It depends on the cases. 

Q7  :  Where is the hair from ?
A7  :  It is made from Japan and fully imported from Japan. 

Q8  :  Do you have any warranty ?
A8  :  We don't have warranty.

Q9  :  After few months, my hair regrowth. What happen with my extension ?
A9  :  When we add new extensions that time, we will  touch up old extension. 

Q10  :  What happen if only i touch up without putting any extension ? Do you charge ?
A10  :  Yes we do charge. Depending on the cases but we don't recommend only touching up.

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Plus Hair 増毛法,

Amazing Shape Memory Hair Extension Technique From Japan! And it's made in Japan too!!

This customer shape memory extension for 1500 pcs

This customer using 600 pcs

This customer using 400 pcs

400 pcs

800 pcs

1500 pcs

This is 800 pcs. This is where we extend


This method takes 2 to 3 hours to finish. We extend especially on crown area so it's very easy to carry and much volume. You can also perm your hair or colour your hair. No problem combing your hair too!

This is how it's look like. It's not human hair. Best quality fiber from Japan. Fiber can stand heat and they don't absorb any water so hair always much lighter than human hair. Nowadays, lots of people don't like human hair because don't know where there coming from. It's not hygiene. People think.