Power of Tansan !!

GOOD NEWS!!! Those who are having scalp problem, you don't need to go for 'Scalp Care Salon / Centre'.  They give you high price tag. Actually, hair loss problem is simple. Clean, kill the bacteria, blood circulation and good natural sources that's all you need. We offer you and advice you with super reasonable price tag. 'Tansan' products in Japan is pretty works and famous in hair, beauty and health industry. 

This picture taken before the treatment

 After 2 months of treatment

* Those pictures are not playing angle or editing like a lots of hair care centre do.

He used Tansan Sparkling Scalp DR (Scalp Shampoo) and Tansan Sparkling Spa Shower (Tonic). In 2 months, he used 2 sets of the scalp shampoo, spa shower and once a week visit our salon for CO2 scalp treatment to get this amazing result. 

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